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Published in 2008

* Public-private partnerships and international consortiums: French and Brazilian law. CHENUT, CHARLES-HENRY. In collaboration with Professor Paulo Borba Casella. São Paulo, Édition Quartier Latin (to be published in Portuguese).

Published in 2006

* Public economic law. SANTIAGO, FERNANDO. Chapter of the book “Introduction to Brazilian law”, Paris, Edition L’Harmattan, 2006 (available in French).

Published in 2005

* The legal guide to consortiums – 101 practical questions. CHENUT, CHARLES-HENRY. Editions E.F.E., 2005 (available in French).

Published in 2004

* Public bidding and administrative contracts for private companies. SANTIAGO, FERNANDO and ROCHA OLIVEIRA, LUIZ GUSTAVO. Brazil, Editions Del Rey, 2004.

Published in 2003

* Consortium agreements. CHENUT, CHARLES-HENRY. Editions LGDJ, coll. Bibliothèque de droit privé, volume 390, 2003 (available in French).

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