Official trip of the President of France to Brazil. Reopening of the tax debate?

  • 24 March, 2014 - Chenut in the Media

Charles-Henry CHENUT, lawyer at the Chenut Oliveira Santiago’s law firm and Chairman of France’s Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Trade Commission, accompanied Francois HOLLANDE, the French President, during his official visit to Brazil. Charles-Henry CHENUT had the task to restart the debate between the French-Brazilian authorities in regard to the Bilateral Tax Convention which in its recent implementation severely penalizes French companies for the improper double taxation and the risk of tax penalties in France. The establishment of a dialogue on these issues is widely anticipated by French entrepreneurs who work with Brazilian partner companies. The political will expressed by Presidents HOLLANDE and ROUSSEFF of creating an Economic Forum between the two countries, which would take place every year in France or Brazil, will ultimately enable the creation of a common ground of understanding on these present outstanding tax issues, including especially the taxation of the supply of services, the apprehension of the concept of transfer pricing and enforcement of the mutual agreement procedure. The Agreements signed during the official visit illustrate the expectations and economic needs encountered by both countries and demonstrate the importance of urgent treatment of these issues within the context of a reactivation of our foreign trade. Charles-Henry Chenut with Francois HOLLANDE, the French President

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