Tax benefits in Rio de Janeiro

  • 10 February, 2012 - Chenut in the Media

Tax benefits in Rio de Janeiro

Paulo Antônio Machado da Silva Filho –  Attorney of the Tax Law Department

The Rio de Janeiro State Law nº 6.136, passed on 29 December 2011, sets forth the possibility of (a) excluding tax fines and part of the accrued interest levied ondebts enrolled in the state past-due liability roster (“Dívida Ativa”), (b) reducing amounts due and (c) paying such debts in installments or offsetting them with writs of payment (“precatórios”) already issued.

There is also the possibility to apply the aforementioned legal options over debts not already enrolled at Dívida Ativa, subject that this inclusion be expressly requested. The state law must be regulated by an executive order,which is likely to be made public in February, 2012.

Should you need any further clarification about the mentioned state law or should you wish to apply for the benefits of the exceptional measures dealt with above, our tax law team is at your disposal.

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